Material handling is dangerous work, so safety is the number one priority every single day. Because no two sites are exactly the same, we offer a wide variety of safety options to help you to maximize the safety of the people working in your world. 

Start with prevention. Your technicians and drivers must be properly trained on Konecranes lift trucks. Then built-in safety features combined with preventive maintenance, CheckApp mobile inspections and taking advantage of Lifetime Advantage upgrades provide the safest lift trucks you can imagine. 

Konecranes uses secure Internet to ensure the safety of your usage data as it travels from the trucks to, the customer portal where you can analyze and plan your operations in detail.

Top tips for improving safety

Every Konecranes lift truck includes plenty of built-in safety features. In addition to good training and regular maintenance, you can enhance safety even further with TRUCONNECT Premium and Lifetime Advantage upgrades and retrofits.

Here are just a few of the ways you can improve the safety of your lift trucks. Your Konecranes distributor can help you to choose the best safety options for your world.


Tire pressure monitoring

Underinflated tires reduce stability for high loads and cornering and risk of tire explosion. Proper inflation stabilizes your truck for maximum rated load.

Container checking safety system_image

Container checking safety system

Special supports lock the spreader in place for container inspection and maintenance while the container is being held by an empty container handler

Blue point awareness_image

Camera, sensors, lights and warnings

LED light bars, warning lights, reverse cameras and laser sensors all improve visibility and audible warnings (such as reverse alarms) help in low visibility conditions.

Electronic scales_image

Electronic scales

Konecranes lift trucks use a static weighing system to weigh their loads. All operators can see the weight, and an alert warns them of overload.

Automatic fire suppression system_image

Automatic fire suppression system

High pressure water mist is released to cool and smother the fire, while a foam additive prevents the fire from reigniting. This retrofit requires no electricity to operate.

Konecranes Alcolock_image

Ignition alcolock

If the alcohol content of the driver’s breath is above acceptable limits, the lift truck will not start. This ensures compliance with safety standards.

Cabin protection_safety cage_image

Cabin protection

A windshield grid or cabin safety cage protects the cabin from falling objects by creating a buffer zone between the object and the external surface of the cabin.



This mobile truck inspection tool guides drivers through truck inspections. Quicker and easier inspections mean safer trucks, and immediate results help you to plan ahead.

Konecranes Work Zone_image

Work Zone

Use geofencing to remotely control the driving speed, height restrictions and working area of your lift trucks. This is particularly useful in busy, high-traffic environments.



This telematics solution collects data for real-time diagnostics and technical support. Standard on all new Konecranes lift trucks, you can watch for alarms, alerts and shocks to determine your servicing, maintenance and driver training needs.



Our customer portal gives easy, secure access to all of the data on your fleet, including everything collected through TRUCONNECT®. Analyze the performance of your equipment with up-to-date information and make the decisions that ensure safety is never compromised