Always connected

Konecranes Smart Connected Lift Trucks will transform your operations for the digital age. Always connected, they link data, machines and people to provide you with the insights that allow you to optimize your lift truck fleet. Near real-time monitoring and diagnostics make it easy to adjust truck settings, plan maintenance and boost both safety and efficiency.

As recognized market leaders in material handling and lifting technology, Konecranes digital solutions will revolutionize your best practices and create new advances in your productivity. The flexibility of our products and their integration into your operations allows you to tailor your data, analysis and applications to the specific requirements in your world.

All new Konecranes lift trucks are smart connected by default. You will see benefits from the very beginning.

Product solutions and use cases

Product solutions

Konecranes Smart Connected Lift Trucks use telematics, geofencing and mobile apps to give you up-to-date usage and performance data. You can follow truck movements, oil and fuel usage, tire pressure, and more to boost the safety and efficiency of your operation. 

Use cases

Konecranes Smart Connected Lift Trucks provide you with the information you need about the current performance and use of your equipment to help you make important operational decisions quickly and accurately. There are many things you can do with that data to improve the productivity of your business. 

Get your Lifetime Advantage

Our digital solutions are just a small part of the holistic Konecranes Lifetime Advantage. 

Access powerful resources for smarter maintenance, wiser fleet management, better return on equipment investment, the highest levels of safety and an experienced support network you can rely on. The result is maximum productivity, cost effectiveness and smarter operational decisions.

Smarter maintenance_image

Smarter maintenance

Your Smart Connected Lift Trucks give you a clear view of your Konecranes machines. 


See their current status, overall performance, advice on which parts that need replacing, and what training might be best for your technicians.

How to reduce your TCO_image

Wiser maintenance

Konecranes digital tools help you to better assess the efficiency, cost effectiveness and productivity of your lift truck fleet. 


A detailed understanding of your fleet allows you to be more strategic and effective in your planning.

A cleverer investment experience_image

Cleverer investment

Our upgrade packages, retrofits, and sustainability improvements enhance the value of your lift truck fleet. 

As your equipment becomes more connected, its performance and reliability increase, enhancing the overall value of your investment.

A safer driving experience_image

Safer driving

Safety is embedded in the design, maintenance and handling of your Konecranes lift trucks. 


As our technology evolves, the upgrades and retrofits we offer continue to improve safety for your drivers and nearby personnel.

A dependable team with experience_image

Dependable team

We offer you the knowledge and expertise that can only come from many years leading the global market in lift trucks. 


Konecranes and our global distributor network are committed to supporting you across the entire life cycle of your equipment.