For your world

Do you run a small workshop with just a few employees, or do you operate an enormous factory that produces thousands of units of output per day? The size of your business and the nature of your industry don’t matter.

Konecranes lift trucks can help you manage your processes with strength, reliability and precision.

From raw materials to miscellaneous cargo or any kind of heavy-duty handling, a lift truck with the right attachment is a valuable tool at every stage of the manufacturing process. And when the final product is ready, lift trucks can carry it to your distribution points. If you’ve got an unusual load, and you can’t find the right attachment, we can customize one for your specific application. Optimized for your world, a Konecranes lift truck will provide you with a long, strong and lean service life.

Our tough and durable forklift trucks are also ideal for handling concrete, brick and rock in quarries, factories, shipping sites and ports.

Tailoring such as modified masts, wider fork carriages, multiple forks and special reinforcement help the trucks lift heavy and unusual loads like bricks in packages or 40-ton marble blocks. The trucks’ modular design allows almost unlimited customization, giving our equipment the flexibility to handle even the most challenging materials.

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Service completes the package

We analyze the potential problems that can arise in your container handling processes, and then design a long-term service program that you can depend on. The goal is to keep your lift trucks operating at peak performance all the time. Konecranes has the skill and global reach to ensure that spare parts, technical support, training and maintenance are available to you at all times. Contact us to obtain the right container handling solution for your needs!