Barge handling reach stackers

Konecranes Lift Trucks offers a wide range of specialized reach stackers for barge container handling. Their remarkable flexibility and performance have made them popular with leading intermodal operators around the world. 

Lifting with exceptional power and stability, our intermodal reach stackers can handle containers up to the third row across rail tracks, road lanes or the hull of a barge. They are heavy duty machines with a long wheelbase, large lifting capacities and excellent maneuverability. Surprisingly smooth and easy to operate, your drivers and your business will enjoy outstanding productivity.

Did you know that we were first in the market with the modular nose distance concept, back in 1998? Konecranes 1st 9-m long barge handler dates back to 1998, delivered in Germany.

Barge handling is a special kind of intermodal because containers on floating barges can be below ground level. This requires an unusual downward angle for the boom, resulting in a negative lifting height. Support jacks are available for extra stability in case of a fourth row. 

Improve your drivers’ visibility with front twist lock cameras, help them lift straight with synchronized vertical lifting and use mechanical reverse speed limits for extra safety.


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A dependable team with experience-image

A dependable team with experience

With the deep knowledge that comes from many decades of designing, manufacturing and selling lift trucks, we offer you outstanding technology and expertise through carefully chosen distributors who are fully committed to the success of our customers.

The power of our support begins with the strength of our people. You can be confident in Konecranes, a global leader, as we and our local distributors work with you. For the entire life cycle of your equipment, we will always be at your side. 

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Customer's voice

Port of Lille to get 4 Konecranes barge handlers

“With our new traffic line, we needed to strengthen our fleet to maintain our current level of throughput with equipment that does much more than just lift cargo. Konecranes has offered us exactly what we want.”