Integrate different systems

When Konecranes digital solutions have been integrated into your existing systems using our open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), you can collect current condition and operational data for a clear view of your lift trucks, regardless of make or model.

Container tracking

Containers need to be accurately weighed to ensure safe and efficient handling. You can record the weight of all the containers moved by your lift trucks from load-sensing hydraulics where alerts inform the driver of overload. The SOLAS-compliant static weighing system eliminates the need for a separate scale, speeding up operations

Operational efficiency

A comprehensive view helps you to optimize your operations. Total operating hours gives some indication of overall productivity and when to schedule regular maintenance. The results of site acceptance tests are readily available to verify that your lift trucks continue to meet your operational requirements.

Increase safety

You can never have too much safety. Integrated systems allow you to check daily CheckApp inspection reports from every asset and monitor alerts for preventive maintenance

Improve sustainability

Fuel and oil are costly and produce measurable waste. Use Konecranes APIs to monitor fuel efficiency and emissions, anticípate fuel needs  , reduce fuel consumption, and extend the usable life of your lift trucks with optimized usage

Security by design_certificate

Security by design

Secure software development practices ensure security risks are considered in each phase of the software development lifecycle. 

This helps developers to build highly secure applications and ensure that security risks and possible vulnerabilities are captured in the development, and not in the production.