Konecranes increases roof height with the OPTIMA optimal cabin


OPTIMA Optimal cabin now has a new option for forklifts that increases roof height by 125 mm. Since its launch in 2014, the OPTIMA cabin has always impressed customers with its ergonomics and superior visibility integrated with lift truck functions for the ultimate in safety and efficiency. In 2022, Konecranes is literally bringing the cabin to another level with the new Optimal model.

Its remarkable visibility is due to large, lowered windows with no corner posts, so sightlines to key working areas are unobstructed, and cameras provide multiple angles. The Electronic Machine Control (EMC) Master allows full monitoring of all vital components and functions on an advanced touch screen with programmable settings and an electronic joystick in an intuitive panel layout for maximum control. Plenty of space allows the driver ease of movement from a comfortable seat with compressor suspension and rear adjustment, while temperature controls and sound absorption give shielding from extreme weather, noise and other environmental hazards in the work area.

From Q4 2022, the Konecranes forklift customers will be able to purchase the OPTIMA Optimal, with an extended roof height of 125 mm above the standard OPTIMA cabin. This added height offers even more space for improved comfort and allows the driver to wear a helmet while operating the truck, as well as the installation of cabin extras such as equipment brackets, auxiliary lighting, and additional electrical sockets. The Optimal will be available on all Konecranes 10-60 ton forklift trucks, including the Konecranes E-VER electric forklift.

“The OPTIMA Optimal’s higher roof enhances the safety, flexibility and convenience of the truck,” says Anders Sjöstrand, Commercial Product Manager, Lift Trucks, Konecranes. “While the cabin has high structural integrity to protect drivers at all times, the helmet is an extra safety precaution when operating the truck in dangerous work environments. And because they can wear a helmet while driving, they don’t have to remember to put it back on when exiting the truck.”

The taller Optimal cabin can be modified with any of the OPTIMA customizations to suit specific operational needs. A turnable seat provides an easy change of view, armrest mini-steering or lever steering facilitate driving, and a fully-tailored control panel can accommodate extra requirements.

“After the success of our OPTIMA cabin, we’re pleased to introduce the new Optimal roof height to increase the number of options available to our customers,” says Jeffrey Stokes, Director of Product and Technology Management, Lift Trucks, Konecranes. “Even small changes can improve the performance of both driver and equipment. Our aim is to give all of our customers exactly what they need for their own particular circumstances, as we build our products for their worlds.”

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